Managing Energy Over Time

Time management is a principle that many of us are familiar with. From childhood, we were encouraged to practice it by balancing schoolwork, extra-curriculars, and having fun. But an emerging principle called “energy management”, introduced in a book co-authored by performance psychologist Jim Loehr, and journalist Tony Schwartz, offers a different perspective. According to them, we should prioritize investing our energy within the time that we have.

As opposed to time management, energy management simply means managing work and productivity around our varying energy levels. This is because while both time and energy are finite, energy can be replenished.

Here are a few tips to help increase productivity by prioritizing energy:

1) Know Your Tendencies

Are you the type who likes to do things one at a time, and check them off your list as you go? Or do you prefer breaking up different tasks, and jumping from one to the next? Knowing your tendencies can help you pace yourself better in order for your mental sharpness to be on point.

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Nap

Napping has been proven scientifically to be an energy-booster; it’s not just infants and toddlers who benefit from it. For those who can afford to take a quick 20-minute snooze, especially while working from home, go for it. But be sure not to exceed 20 minutes so you won’t end up feeling even more pagod than you were before the nap.

3) Recognize Your Boosters and Drainers

Some people enjoy collaborating through meetings; some prefer to work alone quietly for extended periods. Whenever possible, try to incorporate activities into your day that you know can boost your productivity and energize you. For example: some people sneak in a midday trip to the gym; others take their dog out for a 15-minute walk. When you get to maximize these kinds of activities, the more efficient you will be at managing your energy the rest of the day.

4) Form Good Habits

In an article written by Life Skills That Matter’s founder, Stephen Warley, “[e]nergy management is about developing a core set of habits around your most important work.” While forming habits around your work and life may take some time, you will eventually get to the point wherein doing these things will come naturally. No longer will they require intentionality

or focus, so you can conserve your energy; even your time.

5) Be More in Tune with Your Body

While you may want to follow your schedule to a tee, your body might feel otherwise. So if it needs a break, turn off your monitor and take a quick walk. Your body is wise enough to tell you when then there’s a dip in energy, as well as when your energy is restored. To help boost your energy and to help manage pagod throughout the day, together with proper diet and exercise, try taking Multivitamins and Minerals (Berocca Performance) as it has B-Vitamins, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.

Studies* have shown that with daily use, Multivitamins and Minerals (Berocca Performance) helps decrease bodily fatigue as it helps sustain an increase in physical energy and stamina; with proper diet and exercise. With Multivitamins and Minerals (Berocca Performance) and these tips, we hope you can spark the energy you might need to be productive. Here’s to a fantastic day ahead!

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


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