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WFH and Back Again

These days, as more and more precautions are being taken to ensure the public’s safety, many offices are slowly integrating an eventual return to work for their employees. Some have already started on a rotational basis; others are back full time.

For a good number of companies, however, work from home is still ongoing, especially for certain industries. And it’s not surprising that some of their employees are hesitant about returning to the workplace. A Forbes article talks about a Return to Work Anxiety, which is a very real, honest phenomenon among some individuals.

If you’re one of those currently working from home but anticipating an eventual adjustment back to office life, we have some tips to ease that transition.

1) Plan to start earlier

Start adjusting your morning alarm earlier to account for that drive or commute time. If you’ve been used to waking up just minutes before your first webcam meeting of the day, adjust your wake-up time to an hour earlier. That way, you start to condition your body clock back to the grind you once kept to.

2) Bring pieces of home with you

In the last year or so, many items from home have become a source of comfort. Whatever you can bring to the office for some familiarity, that’s completely fine. From a small houseplant, to a picture of your four-legged furball who follows you wherever you go, it’s these little pieces of home that could help bring some measure of joy.

3) Recreate and stick to a new routine

Whatever routine you had while working from home might still work (give or take with some tweaks) in the office. If you started your day by checking your email at home, you can still do the same in the office. If you absolutely need a certain window of time without distractions, communicate the same to your team. This familiarity will help bring order in this “newer normal”.

4) Be transparent

It’s normal to feel some amount of stress and anxiety, whether physical or mental health-induced. If anything seems overwhelming, bring it up with a trusted colleague or your immediate supervisor. Chances are, you’re not the only one feeling that way.

5) Manage your expectations

Things will not be the way they were pre-pandemic; newer health protocols will be the standard for the foreseeable future. Newer ways of working (especially with webcam meeting and online collaborative editing/sharing apps) have also changed the landscape of many industries. Aside from these tangible changes, let’s grant ourselves and others grace as we try to merge realities between the one we’ve faced over the last year and the one moving forward.

To keep your mind and body sharp in the office, take Berocca every day! One tablet dissolved in water helps supercharge you for the day ahead. It has B-Vitamins, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc.

Studies* have shown that with daily use, Berocca helps improve concentration and memory while decreasing bodily fatigue. Make it your preferred multivitamin for better focus and higher energy whenever you do make a comeback in the workplace.

Keep safe and healthy!

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