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From Stuck to Getting Out of a Workout Rut

The benefits of working out, especially amidst our current situation, are seemingly limitless. From helping you focus on your tasks, lifting your mood, to helping you better cope with stress, apart from the physical benefits, there are so many reasons to get onboard with a fitness program. 

In fact, it’s no longer surprising to see new fitness trends emerge, or to get invites to online workouts, in our social feeds these days. 

With all of these exercise options, there may be times when you’re raring to get your workout going. 

But what about those days you really don’t have the energy for it? 

Our Berocca Supercharged Squad fitness experts — fitness trainer, Vince, and cycling instructor, Katz — have a few tips for us. 

Give Yourself a Break

If you’re not up to it just yet, then maybe your body is telling you it needs to rest. In time, your body will start to crave that energy rush from a workout. 

Mix Things Up

Maybe you’re looking for variety and are getting bored with the same routine. If you’re into lifting, try incorporating some cardio on occasion; if the fast-paced action of cardio is wearing you out, try slowing down with yoga every once in a while. 

Find an Accountability Partner 

You might need to be motivated by someone else who keeps you on your toes: maybe it’s that online instructor who drops side comments after you miss a class; or maybe it’s that friend who constantly asks how many reps you’ve done. Whatever the case may be, it might be worth it to have someone you can report to, or to push you when the going gets tough.

Start in the Morning

If you usually workout late in the afternoon or in the evenings, chances are you’re already tired after a long day. Try setting your morning alarm earlier by around 45 minutes to an hour. That way, you’re recharged after your morning workout and you’re ready to face another day of work, chores, errands, hobbies, and beyond.

Set a Goal — or Two

It can be a brain drain when you keep on exercising, without giving yourself some kind of incentive. Why not write down what it is you aim to accomplish, just to keep your body working towards that specific goal? Is it to finally take on your first century ride? Is it to lift 5kg heavier? Is it to unlock your first pull-up? Whatever the goal is, get pumped as you work towards it! 

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We hope these tips pull you out of your workout rut — and maybe get you excited to try something new altogether! 


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